Stop… or my senator will shoot…

12 Jul

From the Arizona Republic:

Why do they make raspberry-pink guns? Are they sold alongside Barbie dream houses? A gun is not “cute.” It is designed to kill people. I appreciate the beauty of lions but I don’t want some crazy lady opening the enclosure so I can get a closer look at them.

This is a photo of Sen. Klein up close and personal with her “little friend.”

I presume the bullets are equally child friendly. Perhaps they look and smell like Pez.

Apparently, the Arizona state Capitol has problems with grizzly bears roaming the halls. Why else would she need to bring a gun to work when visitors are not allowed to enter with weapons? Are things that tense with her fellow lawmakers?

Perhaps this is why many conservatives oppose abortion and drug legalization. Unless it’s illegal, Americans will engage in the activity non-stop and without rhyme or reason. Sen. Klein brings a gun to work although there is no valid threat to her safety in the Capitol building, so maybe her constituents will have abortions while high on crystal meth… and that’s just the men. Who knows what women will do.

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