Now time for today’s dumb story not involving a Bieber or Kardashian…

03 Nov

The Washington Post tweeted the following today:

Can you accurately predict how much snow will fall in #DC this winter? Take a chance and enter our contest

OK, if I had nothing better to do with my time, I could make a wild, unsubstantiated guess regarding this winter’s snowfall in DC, but I cannot “accurately predict” the amount of snowfall. That would make me either a wizard with a functioning crystal ball or someone in possession of a time machine. Either of those things could prove more lucrative than entering a newspaper contest. It’s like the dumbest mad scientist ever who invents a device that can control the weather and uses it so that he can
win this contest rather than take over the world.

I know newspapers are in trouble but have they really sunk to meteorological bookmaking?

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