Recurring Feature (at least until I tire of it): 1992 in Music…

09 Feb

Our entry today: “Connected,” the title track from Stereo MCs’ third studio album, was released in 1992. It is notable for its cogent bit of advice: “Stumble, you might fall.” If only George Bush had listened to this song before authorizing the invasion of Iraq.

The lead singer does not look at all well in the song’s video, as if the “connection” he’s seeking is someone who will sell him crystal meth.

“Connected” samples “(Let Me) Let Me Be Your Lover” by Jimmy “Bo” Horne. Yes, Jimmy “Bo” Horne. This clip is from Jimmy “Bo” Horne’s (seems weird to just call him “Horne” or “Jimmy” or even “Bo”) performance on a German TV show in 1978. It’s like one of those children’s puzzles where you’re supposed to identify everything wrong with it.

There are also vocal samples from Third World’s cover of “Now That We Found Love” by The O’Jays. The most well-known version is arguably Heavy D’s from 1991.

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