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The upcoming Noah film starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson (one of whom is playing Noah — it’s been a while since Sunday school) will have an advisory message to clarify that the film is fiction, unlike the Biblical story of the guy who built an ark so his family could survive a flood God caused in a genocidal fit of pique and then presumably repopulate the planet by incestuously mating with each other and seasick animals.

“The film is inspired by the story of Noah. While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values, and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide. The biblical story of Noah can be found in the book of Genesis.”

The trailer looks absurd, but Crowe’s involvement tends to amp up the absurdity meter on most of his recent films, especially Les Miserable and Man of Steel.

As a comic book fan, for whom New Comic Day is my version of the Sabbath, if any film required an advisory because of its violation of the source material, it would be Man of Steel.

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