Star Trek… Something…

29 Jun

We have a title and a first image for the upcoming Star Trek film I thought no one wanted.

It’s Justin Lin’s first time at the helm of a Star Trek movie and he’s already putting social media to good use. In less than 140 characters, Lin managed to not only reveal the first behind-the-scenes image from Star Trek 3, he also so much as confirmed the threequel’s presumed title, Star Trek Beyond. Now whether the title is formatted this way to appease the hashtag gods or just to continue the trend of eschewing colons (like Star Trek Into Darkness), I’m not entirely sure just yet. We’ll certainly find out more soon, but for now let’s take a look at Lin’s Tweet itself.

The image is not really worth my saving to my computer and uploading, but you can find it at the link I attached above.

I’d prefer the new Star Trek films just used numerals to distinguish them from each other, as well as compelling storylines and engaging characters. Also, I recall a time when going “beyond” was sort of understood with the title Star Trek.

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