10 Feb

Some historical context for the new Attorney General:

A year or so ago, when Republicans were vocal in their distaste and contempt for Trump, Jeff Sessions became the first member of the Senate to endorse Trump and the only Senator to do so during the primaries.

Sessions also enthusiastically endorsed Trump at a time when he was under scrutiny for not disavowing David Duke’s support. Republican might now lament how Elizabeth Warren hurt Sessions’s feelings by discussing his history of racist actions, but a year ago, they were all dogpiling on Trump for his “disqualifying” and “unelectable” racism: This includes Marco Rubio…


Ted Cruz…


Nikki Haley…


And Paul Ryan…


So, even during the distant past of last year when Republicans pretended to care about racism and thought that condemning someone’s even tacit support of racists was worthwhile and not a “character attack,” Jeff Sessions chose to endorse Donald Trump. The weekend before Super Tuesday, Sessions could’ve backed fellow Southerner Ted Cruz — who I’m sure was begging for his endorsement, but he instead happily put on a Make America Great Again cap and again demonstrated how outside even the GOP mainstream he was — well at the time, God knows what the GOP is now.

We should never forget how craven the Republican party has been regarding Donald Trump — openly trading any pretense of dignity and honor for total power.

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