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Superhero comics now “TV-ize” their own characters in their own books. It’s like giving yourself a wedgie in junior high. I thought this was a spoof — a parody of what happens to optioned characters. “Well, we don’t have the rights to Batman, and Robin is too young. Let’s age Dick Grayson to about 25 or 26 — great for the CW audience. Remember ‘no tights/no flights’ on Smallville? We’ll go with ‘no capes/no masks’ — yeah, I know it doesn’t rhyme, I haven’t had my morning shot of cocaine yet. By the way, where is my assistant with my morning shot of cocaine? Oh, and yeah, I know Batman and Robin were all about ‘no guns,’ but that tests too San Francisco to appeal to Kansas viewers. And let’s never use the name ‘Dick’ unless it’s a broadcast-approved way to say ‘penis.’ And the name of the series will be… wait for it… GRAYSON! And seriously now, where’s my morning shot of cocaine?”

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