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Ohio Shows the Ladies How It’s Done…

WideModern_Kasich_130701620x413  “So, Gov. Kasich, shouldn’t we find, I dunno, at least one of those… uh, whaddaya call em? …. women for this photo op of you signing this restrictive abortion bill? What about Dunlap in HR? It’s her first day but she’d just have to smile at the camera. Oh, she’s in orientation? Well, shoot, what about Gladys the sandwich lady? Just take off the apron, spruce up her hair a bit. She doesn’t have to speak English or anything. It’s just a photo. OK? We’re just gonna do this? All right, hey, what do I know?”

Frankly, if Kasich is truly pro-life, the next bill he’ll sign would ban Cincinnati Chili.

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Posted by on July 1, 2013 in Political Theatre


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