“Favorite jam back in the day was ‘Tim Tebow for President'”…

11 Jan

Brooke Jarvis at “Yes Magazine” defies you to “find a stupider op-ed than this one” written by Matthew Dowd, chief strategist for the George Bush re-election campaign in 2004. Journalist Jake Blumgart claims it’s the “stupidest thing” he’s read and possibly “will ever read.” Can it be that bad? Yes, yes it can.

Sunday night, watching Denver quarterback Tim Tebow’s post-game press appearance and President Obama’s interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes, I was struck by the fact that one man is offering his team (and the country actually) the leadership they need while the other is trapped in traditional discourse and scoring political points.

It’s amazing how the lineup on your TV can inspire you. I happened to be watching “Transformers: The Movie” (the only one, thank you very much) when President Obama was on “60 Minutes,” so I was struck by the fact that one sentient robot is offering his fellow Autobots (and the country actually) the leadership they need while the other is trapped in the real world with real problems that can’t be solved by scoring a touchdown. Also, Obama deals with less honorable and rational Decepticons.

Do I buy into some intervention by God because Tebow is a man of incredible religious faith? No.  I do believe there is a divine presence in every one of us and in every thing, and the power of that presence remains a mystery of the ages.  It can’t be proven or disproven by an intellectual conversation or scientific method, but it is hard not to accept if you are a person of faith and connection to something outside our mere humanity.  Yet that is not what this Denver rise and winning streak is about.

Actually, I suspect that Tim Tebow plays so well because of a deal he made with the Devil in order to prevent the Yankees from winning the World Series (yes, I know he’s not playing baseball, but you can’t really trust the Devil). I stand by my half-assed theory because it also can’t be disproven by “intellectual conversation or scientific method.”

Take a look at Obama’s latest interview.  It does not make you feel better about where we are heading.  You don’t feel like we are going to win under his leadership.  He points fingers and refuses to admit his own mistakes or weaknesses.  I often wonder where is the Barack Obama of the 2007 and 2008 campaign.  That Obama was much more like the leader we need at this time.  He offered hope, he had soaring rhetoric, he offered a change from the bitter politics in Washington, and he made us feel we could win.

Yes, whatever happened to that nice, sweet, innocent Carrie White after those girls dumped pig’s blood on her? Why do so many on the right expect Obama to remain some clueless Candide regardless of what happens? But hey, it’s not about who’s right or wrong. A real leader should “admit his own mistakes or weaknesses.”

Yep, Obama, the arrogant socialist, is a stark contrast to Dowd’s former boss George W. Bush.

Tebow is the kind of leader for his football team that our country needs at this crucial moment in history.  Yes, the Denver Broncos streak will probably end, and the odds are a team like the Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl.  But no matter the outcome, Tebow has shown what faith, and confidence and humility can do for a team of limited skills that was losing consistently before. This is exactly what President Franklin Roosevelt and President Reagan understood about leadership.

Roosevelt and Reagan understood… failure? Should that be Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention this summer? “No matter the outcome, I will demonstrate what faith, and confidence and humility can do for a country of limited skills that was losing consistently before. Or I could just release poison gas into the atmosphere and we could all die in our sleep. Give it some thought. I know where I’m leaning but I don’t want to pressure you. Well, actually, you probably wanna go with the gas. I mean, really, life’s terrible.”

This economy, and our country, do not need more programs out of Washington, D.C., or legislation from Congress, or tax cuts for the wealthy, or more spending on government stimulus.  What citizens and businesses need is a leader who can raise us all up to a level we didn’t know we had in us, give us confidence in ourselves, give us a common goal to work toward, and make us believe in and have faith in ourselves again.

Yes, this country needs… the Music Man!

The President or Congress doesn’t need to actually do anything. Much like Superman, the President should not “interfere in human history” but rather his “leadership” will inspire us to fix everything. Clearly, all the country needs is the proper motivation to not go bankrupt. This doesn’t appear that time-consuming, so maybe Tebow could do this while maintaining his secret identity as a highly paid quarterback for a great not-so-metropolitan sports franchise.

The only potential kink is that Tebow is not Constitutionally eligible to run for president, as he’s not yet 35 years old. However, no one seemed to object to a head of lettuce from Minnesota running for the highest office in the land, so Tebow might be able to waive out of this requirement.


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