Spider-Man and Supermodels…

05 Mar

From the New York Times article about the legal battle between Julie Taymor and the producers of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.

A courtroom battle would likely force Bono to respond to the e-mail claims that in January 2011, soon after “Spider-Man” actors were injured because of technical problems and when the musical was a laughingstock on late-night television, he showed up at a creative meeting with supermodels in tow, too drunk on beer to contribute usefully.

Oh, Bono, I love you. Certainly more than the use of the term “in tow” to describe actual human beings. “In tow” is defined as “to draw or pull behind by a chain or line” — usually in reference to a barge or a trailer. Also, supermodels are defined as “highly paid fashion models with a worldwide reputation.” You know, someone you might refer to by name. Random, unnamed, tall, thin women hanging onto an aging pop star are more the Wonder Twins of supermodels.

It’s possible actual supermodels were in attendance — although that would require their parents or guardians explaining to them who the old drunk guy was and why it would be cool to hang out with him during meetings for a poorly conceived Broadway musical when they could be making millions on an assignment.



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