Can we talk about how stupid this is?

01 Aug

In college, my friend Zach once described a bad movie as being filmed by “senile cameraman” with a “plot plagiarized from cancelled TV sitcom.” Unfortunately, this accurately describes far too many movies released today.

The Daily Beast, in honor of National Orgasm Day, presented the “best orgasm scenes in movies,” including dramatically relevant ones from When Harry Met Sally and Pleasantville, actually amusing ones from A Fish Called Wanda and Sleeper, a suitably French one from Amélie, something disturbing as hell from Black Swan, and perhaps the worst thing ever from The Ugly Truth.

The gag — unintentional public orgasm — is stale and tired, but it also has the benefit of lousy performances from everyone involved (including the extras). Oh, and no one blinked over the fact that the “joke” is a child bringing Katherine Heigl to orgasm in a restaurant.

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