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Back when it was Kentucky Fried Chicken…

This is an instructional film I presume new Kentucky Fried Chicken employees were shown. It’s dated 1985, which is when I recall last enjoying the restaurant’s food.

It was never health food but in those days, it wasn’t “fast food” either. I think 1985 is also when I progressed from a two-piece dinner to a three-piece like my parents. There was a KFC (as it was then called) near my first NYC apartment and although I didn’t eat chicken at the time, I would occasionally stop in and pick up sides of mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, and biscuits. The sides were still somewhat edible, especially with the influence of nostalgia, but the chicken had long stopped resembling food.

And, from there, it was a short, depressing trip to the Double Down.

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