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The Revolution will be heard…

Prince and Warner Bros. reuniting after 20 years? And just in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Purple Rain.

The record label announced today a new licensing deal with Minneapolis’ Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, the timing of which points to the approaching 30th anniversary of “Purple Rain.” A first-ever remastered deluxe-edition of the 1984 masterpiece will be the first product of the new/old partnership. More unreleased music from a variety of eras is also now promised.

I have my own “renegade” Purple Rain with extended 12-inch single version “Let’s Go Crazy,” the full-length 12-minute “Computer Blue,” and the b-sides “17 Days” and “Erotic City.” These extras are all hard to find, especially digitally. I’ve also believed a complete soundtrack Purple Rain should include both Time songs from the movie — “Jungle Love” and “The Bird” — along with Apollonia 6’s “Sex Shooter.” The version I have of the latter is a dub of a dub and sounds like it was taped over the telephone. It’s still funky, though.

I’d gladly purchase these songs again if remastered and re-released. Granted, they’re not for everyone — only the sexy people.

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Oh Snap!

So, I clicked on a USA Today link, which was a mistake in itself, and it turns out the link was broken and this was how a major media publication chose to inform its readers of this fact.


I have no words. Instead, here are clips of people saying “Oh Snap!” (usually ironically, as it is a fairly dated expression, though if anything can return it to relevance, it’s the ever relevant USA Today).

And this is the band Snap:

This only technically qualifies, but I’m going to include it solely for the sake of thoroughness.

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