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New New York Times…

Dean Baquet just became the first black executive editor of the New York Times, replacing Jill Abramson, the first female top editor. Sometimes, there is blood on the Golden Ticket.

The suggestion that she was fired because of she complained about her salary, compared to her male predecessors and even her subordinates is unsettling. I’m not sure that’s even entirely legal but as the old saying goes, “No company will ever pay you enough to sue them successfully.”

Abramson lasted about a year after Politico published a piece about the drama in Abramson’s newsroom that was so slanted toward Baquet I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d written it himself under a pen name.

“I think there’s a really easy caricature that some people have bought into, of the bitchy woman character and the guy who is sort of calmer,” (Baquet) said. “That, I think, is a little bit of an unfair caricature.”

Not only is it unfair but it’s a weird comment from the guy who got into a fist fight with a wall after a contentious meeting with Abramson. How does anyone describe him, even in caricature, as the “calm” one? Also, Abramson declined to speak to Politico — yet her managing editor did? And freely? Wouldn’t it have been best for neither to go on record?

In retrospect, Abramson should have suspected her days were numbered when Baquet would occasionally stop and deliver Shakespearan asides to the camera.


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The trailer for FOX’s Gotham reminds me of the fan-made ones on YouTube for some imaginary superhero series.

Let’s compare and contrast.

Wouldn’t you rather watch Nightwing? Sure, you’d miss out on whatever Jada Pinkett Smith is trying to do, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

I suppose the theory behind Gotham is that the Superman “prequel” Smallville lasted 10 years. But Smallville was basically an updated version of the Superboy comic. It was an established concept. There really is no precursor for Gotham or reason why I would care about a pre-teen Bruce Wayne. No matter how good Ben McKenzie might be as Gordon, it still has the feel of Star Wars: Episode One.

The only “pre-Batman” series I could possibly see working would be an extension of Batman 404: Year One, Part One ). Gordon and a young Bruce Wayne arriving in Gotham and navigating the corrupt police department and seedy underworld.

Granted, your best case scenario there is a replay of Smallville seasons 5 through 10 when there’s no logical reason why he’s not public as Superman yet other than that it would mean the end of the series.

And it still would be about as good as Riverdale.


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