Alternative Facts

22 Jan

While I watched Kellyanne Conway lie her way through her latest appearance on Meet the Press, I thought about Aziz Ansari’s SNL monologue last night,  where he implied that you couldn’t consider “all” Trump voters racist because, well, there were a lot of them (more than 60 million). We’ve heard this a lot recently, and it’s another form of “alternative facts.” Prior to Trump’s surprise win, the liberal punditry (and many conservatives) predicted that Trump would lose by Goldwater levels. If that had happened, right now, there’d be no question that anyone who supported a candidate who ran such a racist, misogynistic campaign was themselves culpable of racism and misogyny. Nothing really *changed* about Trump but sheer volume of his support. So, if I record an album of myself singing Kander and Ebb in the shower, it’s no less objectively awful than if 60 people buy it than if 60 million people do. But in the fact of collective madness, we must grasp at “alternative facts.” Maybe my competitors didn’t run a “good campaign.” Maybe there was something in my album that resonated with people beyond my tone deafness. Nothing really good comes of embracing “alternative facts,” no matter how unpleasant “actual facts” are.

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