Health Scare..

22 Jun

Health Care

At least this isn’t North Korea where people die for something absurd like stealing a poster… instead of for serious crimes like selling cigarettes or CDS on street corners or playing with toys guns or for having broken taillights.

The old lady is lucky, though, because once the Senate health bill passes, she’ll likely only afford a plan that covers one officer throwing her out of a public space. No, actually, looking at the fine print, the deductible is so high, she’ll have no choice to be drag herself out the building on her own.

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One response to “Health Scare..

  1. observeratlarge

    June 22, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    Self-policing — that’s a concept I could embrace. But wait a minute! Can we count on ourselves to be properly abusive, to night stick our heads properly, spray the pepper spray directly into our eyes and pray tell, how are we to kick and stomp ourselves? The shooting part’s pretty easy, tho. So maybe it would work after all.


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