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Not Carl Anderson Park…

Michael Harthorne writes about the “struggling” Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill, Seattle.

“Cal Anderson really functions as the backyard for so many Capitol Hill residents,” said Michael Wells, executive director of the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce. “The last thing we want is for Cal Anderson to have a reputation as a place that’s not safe for people.”

This is a backyard with “at least 11 assaults and one robbery” within the past month, which is the kind of thing you can expect when you’re lax with your landscape maintenance.

Capitol Hill Community Council member Lisa Kothari walks her dog in Cal Anderson three or four times a day… Kothari said she’s been hearing from others in the community that the park is changing, that it’s not like it was even three years ago. She said she doesn’t feel comfortable walking her dog through the park after 7 p.m.

“It’s sad,” she said. “It’s staying light out later; I should feel comfortable walking my dog until 10 or 11.”

Cal Anderson was Washington’s first openly gay legislator. He died in 1995 and Lincoln Park was renamed in his honor. Pat Robertson or Michele Bachmann might see a connection between the name change and the park’s decline, but those with a foothold in reality link it to the recent light rail construction nearby and my arrival in the neighborhood.

And now, for no logical reason, I present a clip of Carl Anderson performing “Heaven on Their Minds” on The Today Show.

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