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Ukraine Shenanigans…

Fred Kaplan from Slate on the Ukraine situation.

A Romney administration’s response would have been to shout louder and get tougher (although corporate wheeler dealer versus former KGB agent seems a lopsided battle), which demonstrates to me how bad U.S. foreign policy has become in the past 20 years. It’s no longer whether we should get involved but how poorly we should bungle our involvement.

I also reject the notion that it’s perceived “weakness” that compels another country to defy U.S. interests. First off, Pee-Wee Herman could be president and he would still command the largest military in the world. It’s easy to speak loudly when you’re carrying other people’s sticks.

John Green helps you understand the Ukraine. In my younger and more vulnerable years, this is what I imagined 24-hour news networks would give us.

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Should we raise the minimum wage?

John Green makes some good points.

I have favored replacing the term “minimum wage” with “living wage.” There’s no sense in having a mandated minimum wage if someone working full-time at that rate still requires public assistance because they are below the poverty line. I don’t enjoy subsidizing the profits of the Walton family because it’s in their best interests to not have their employees die of starvation.

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