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Thank the Lord…

I don’t watch The Daily Show because CNN and FOX specifically are so absurd any comedic take on their “news coverage” amounts to someone pointing at a man walking into a rake.

Here is a clip of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer — who conversed with a hologram on election night 2008 — asking an Oklahoma tornado survivor if she “thanks the Lord” for… well, I guess for randomly choosing not to kill her in the natural disaster that has killed two dozen people.

I’m impressed that this lady held her own and stood by her convictions. She’s an atheist, and she doesn’t “thank the Lord” for her decisions and actions. She maintains her own agency in the world. Well done.

I’ve always said that God has the best job ever — ultimate power and zero accountability. It’s like he’s CEO of Earth, LLC. If he’s truly omnipotent, then tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters that kill people indiscriminately are entirely within his power to control. If they’re not, then he’s not omnipotent. He’s more early 2000s Prince. I can probably get him some legal cover for school shootings and marathon bombings because of the whole “free will” conundrum, but tornadoes and hurricanes are as unjustifiable as The Rainbow Children.


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Oklahoma is Pro-Life…

The Oklahoma Senate passed “personhood” legislation today that “gives individual rights to an embryo from the moment of conception.”

The measure now goes to the state House where pro-life Republicans outnumber Democrats by more than a 2-1 margin…

The bill is as carefully thought out as the plot to an M. Night Shyamalan film. It has no exception for rape. It would outlaw some forms of contraception. It could also result in the deaths of women during difficult pregnancies. But these are subtleties, padre: What’s important is that Oklahoma is proudly pro-life.

Sure, Oklahoma has the death penalty. In fact, it leads the nation in per capita executions for 2010. But these were criminals — more or less. What matters is how Oklahoma treats innocent living people.

OK, gay marriage is not legal in Oklahoma. Presumably, the cries of the unborn overpower the vocal pleas for dignity from living homosexuals.

That doesn’t seem encouraging. Maybe some meaningless dogma would lift my spirits:

“Oklahoma is a conservative pro-life state-we are proud to stand up for what we know is right,” Senate Pro Tempore President Brian Bingman, a Republican, said.

That’s the stuff.


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