George Zimmerman is “living in an NRA World”…

28 Mar

George Zimmerman, who claims he shot and killed the unarmed Trayvon Martin last month in self-defense, is reportedly in hiding.

He has good reason. People have recklessly published his home address, and he’s received death threats.

The New Black Panthers — I think it’s like the New Teen Titans and the new X-Men. I prefer the original Black Panthers with Aqualad — offered a $10,000 bounty for George Zimmerman’s capture. It’s unclear if that includes expenses.

Our society functions best when people trust each other to follow the rule of law. We rest more easily knowing that it’s not the Wild West. You can walk home without an untrained, wannabe cop deeming you suspicious and pursuing you. If you are believed to have killed someone, you can hire lawyers to defend you in court rather than a security team to defend you from angry villagers out of Frankenstein movie.

George Zimmerman might have enjoyed carrying a weapon with him prior to the events of February 26, but I doubt he enjoys doing so now when it might actually be necessary for his protection. No one wants to live in fear, especially when that fear might be real rather than the province of our own neuroses.

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