“I don’t know you, lady”…

15 Jun

Sarah Palin is now back on FOX News, where her mission to avoid forming a coherent sentence can safely continue.

Palin and Fox News had parted ways this year, ending a three-year stint that reportedly paid $1 million a year. At the time, Palin said she wanted to do other things.

Palin was the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee. Since leaving her TV stint, she has remained outspoken on issues, assisting GOP candidates and criticizing President Obama through posts on Facebook and her website.

I’m glad that Palin has used her fame and influence to do what pretty much any halfway literate conservative with an Internet connection can manage. Thanks to John Edwards, she’s not the most embarrassing former vice presidential candidate out there. However, the GOP mainstream tends to regard Palin, who was not invited to speak at the 2012 GOP convention, with the same contempt Superman held for the moll he hooked up with while evil in Superman III.


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