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Redefining paranoia…

The upcoming George Zimmerman trial would be amusing, if not for the fact that it centers on the senseless death of an unarmed kid.

Defense lawyers for George Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in the killing of Trayvon Martin, will be barred from mentioning Mr. Martin’s marijuana use, fighting or high school suspension during opening arguments in Mr. Zimmerman’s trial, which begins June 10.

At a hearing in Seminole County court, Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson denied a string of defense motions Tuesday that sought to portray Mr. Martin as a troubled teenager with a propensity for fighting and an interest in guns. Prosecutors argued that the evidence has nothing to do with the seven minutes that led to Mr. Martin’s death on Feb. 26, 2012. Mr. Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old, was killed by Mr. Zimmerman, who said he shot him in self-defense.

Mark O’Mara, a lawyer for Mr. Zimmerman, argued in court that Mr. Martin’s drug use could have made him more aggressive and paranoid, traits that could have prompted him to attack Mr. Zimmerman.

This is bad comedy. As others have pointed out, there’s a difference between the use of marijuana and being a deranged junkie, which is how Zimmerman’s defense wishes to depict Martin. Junkies tend to not run benign errands for family members. It’s usually a miracle to get them off the couch.

Also, it requires more guts than shooting an unarmed teen to argue that the dead kid is “aggressive and paranoid” when you’re the one pursuing a stranger with a concealed weapon.

O’Mara claims that Zimmerman was “put in a position” to kill Martin while all logic and reason makes it clear that Zimmerman was to one who put Martin in the position to die.

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Tim Curry

It’s never a bad time to watch some clips of one of my favorite actors at work.

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Now that’s a Superman outfit!

Now that’s a Superman outfit!

I can’t even talk about whatever Henry Cavill is wearing in the upcoming Man of Steel movie that he’s trying to pass off as a Superman costume. It’s actually worse than Brandon Routh’s from Superman Returns. Is it really so hard to get it right? The lady dancing with Michael Jackson in this clip from a 1979 episode of Midnight Special comes closer to the real deal than Cavill and Routh on their best day. This is back when movies had legs — rather than playing for a few weeks and then showing up on Amazon as a Blu-ray special edition, so it’s likely that the first Christopher Reeve film was still in theaters.


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Baldwin vs. Buckley 1965…

James Baldwin just RSVPed to my Writers Group meeting, and although he’s a nice fellow, he is regrettably not the gentleman who wrote Giovanni’s Room or debated William F. Buckley at his smarmiest in 1965 at Cambridge University.

It’s amazing to see the reception Baldwin receives at Cambridge, which in 1965 would have been hard to imagine at an American university.


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The Name of Prince…

I just watched the seventh season finale of the new DOCTOR WHO series, which featured a cliffhanger ending that (obligatory spoiler warning) introduced John Hurt (Alien, Nineteen Eighty-Four) as the Doctor. At that point, my wife turned to me and said, “If this old guy is the new Doctor, you’re watching this show on your own from now on.”

So, John Hurt is the Doctor, except he’s not really the Doctor. I suppose the main character does change faces and personalities every few years, so it shouldn’t surprise me if he also appears to suffer from dissociative disorder. He sort of reminds me of Prince in the 1990s after he changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol and referred to his former self in the third person. Perhaps the finale would have played out better if it had actually featured Prince.

(PRINCE holds CLARA tight but suddenly reacts with horror when he glimpses a figure in the distance.)

PrinceSlaveCLARA: Who’s that?
PRINCE: Never mind. Let’s go back.
CLARA: But who is he?
PRINCE: He’s me. There’s only me here, that’s the point. Now let’s get back.
CLARA: But I never saw that one. I saw all of you. The Dirty Mind you, the Purple Rain you, the Parade you, the Sign o’ the Times you…
PRINCE: I said he was me. I never said he was Prince.
CLARA: I don’t understand.
DOCTOR: Look, my name, my real name, that is not the point. The name I chose is Prince. The name you choose, it’s like, it’s like a promise you make. He’s the one who broke the promise.
(CLARA faints.)
PRINCE Clara? Clara? Clara!
(PRINCE has a bodyguard pick up Clara in his arms.)
PRINCE: He is my secret.
NOT PRINCE: What I did, I did without choice.
PRINCE: I know.
NOT PRINCE: In the name of peace and sanity.
PRINCE: But not in the name of Prince!
(PRINCE’s bodyguard carries Clara and Prince away. The figure turns around to introduce Jamie Foxx as O+>).

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Death by Honeymoon…

2013-05-23_200629_Lois_Lane_silver-age-death  I’m a fan of Pieta-inspired comic book covers, but this issue of Lois Lane is one I hadn’t seen until recently. Whatever twisted meaning you might wish to interpret is your own business, but Bob Oksner’s cover is one of my favorites of this theme.

This is a photo of Michelangelo’s Pieta. I had the chance to see it at St. Pieta-aPeter’s Basilica in 2011, and much like David in Florence or Venus De Milo in Paris, the sculpture is almost overwhelming in person.

The Pieta depicts Mary cradling the slain body of her son (“Someone Christ, King of the Jews”). However, it’s not surprising that the male-dominated comic book industry tends to focus on men holding limp female bodies (and occasionally a limp male body).



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“Ronald’s not a bad guy”…

McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson responded to criticism that the fast-food giant’s advertising directly targets children with perhaps the creepiest statement possible.

“We are not the cause of obesity. Ronald is not a bad guy,” Mr. Thompson said Thursday. “He’s about fun. He’s a clown. I’d urge you all to let your kids have fun, too.”

I’d question equating eating at a fast-food restaurant to “having fun.” And isn’t he basically promoting the marketing strategy that presents McDonald’s as a sort of mini-Disney World with cuddly mascots and good times until the inevitable negative consequences? Actually, it sounds a lot like Pleasure Island from Pinocchio.

Mr. Thompson has been trying to revive sales at the fast-food chain, which recently reported its fourth monthly global same-store sales decline since October, when sales at restaurants open at least 13 months fell for the first time in nine years.

Don Thompson is McDonald’s first black CEO — although he never refers to the chain as “Mickey D’s.” Anyway, if he can’t turn things around quickly, I hear Mitt Romney is interested in replacing him.

Mr. Thompson told shareholders on Thursday that the company is seeking to add more healthful items to the menu. The chain has added fat-free milk and apple slices to kids’ meals, recently introduced breakfast sandwiches made with egg whites and, in some markets outside the U.S., is selling skewers of kiwis and pineapples.

“We would like to sell more fruits and veggies,” he said.

When a restaurant uses the term “veggies,” all you should expect are oddly textured iceberg lettuce and those diced tomato chunks that are the same red as a Jersey girl’s tan.

I also can’t believe people still fall for the egg white scam. Most of the nutrients in an egg comes from the yolk, and eaten in moderation (about two a day), the cholesterol level is nowhere near as problematic as the oil-drenched hash browns, the sodium-stuffed sausage, or even the empty calories from the bread that accompany the breakfast sandwich.

I do admire the nine-year-old girl who asked Thompson to stop “tricking kids into eating your food.”

Still, as odious as the kid-centric ads are — especially the one in which Ronald appears to abduct a small child, the commercials that try to present McDonald’s food as part of a “hip” and “active” lifestyle are arguably just as appalling. They can’t even cast just one person who looks as if they might each this stuff regularly rather than size zero models.


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