Countdown to public apology starting… now…

21 Jun

ObamaKenya  Yahoo!’s Rachel Rose Hartman revives the birther controversy by referring to Barack Obama’s “country of birth” and not meaning the United States. This was later updated to the slightly more accurate but still curious “ancestral homeland.” Ancestral homeland?

Oh, right, the place his absentee dad lived. I guess that means he has some innate connection to it, sort of like Superman and Krypton.

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One response to “Countdown to public apology starting… now…

  1. Mary Miraglia

    June 22, 2013 at 5:37 am

    This is kind of like the Kremlin’s “useful idiot,” it’s a “useful diversion.” Gives the foaming-at-the-mouth group something to do that keeps them occupied and prevents them meddling into anything real. While I am sure Obama realizes this is personally insulting, he also knows it’s politically expedient.


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