How to lose friends and alienate people: Airline Edition…

28 Dec

So, Delta will honor the ridiculously low fares (some cheaper than checking luggage for the same flight) that turned up incorrectly on its Web site.

Reading the comments for this NPR article, I find it interesting that the discussion went from whether you should take advantage of someone else’s obvious mistake to the belief that Delta sucks and deserves everything that’s coming to it.

For example: “Does Delta help me when I mistakenly book a flight on the wrong day? No, they charge hundreds of dollars in change fees. They also cancel flights that aren’t full enough, bump the casual flyer in favor of elites regardless of who bought their ticket first, and engage in a whole slew of other questionable behaviors, so no. I don’t feel bad at all.”


“Maybe we should ask the airlines about ethics. Is it ethical to charge your customers baggage fees that bear no resemblance to the actual cost of handling baggage, just because you can, and just because your customers have no other choice?”


“Considering the airlines have no compunction about cancelling scheduled flights that aren’t full enough to be profitable, then leave me in a lurch scrambling to make connections and a meeting waiting on the other end (it has happened, twice in the past three years), I wouldn’t think twice about taking advantage of an advertised price. Quid agatur circa venit circum.”

And of course…
“This is like asking a Jew in a concentration camp if it is ethical to steal bread from Hitler.”

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