Bad News for the Greenville News…

24 Feb
Bad News for the Greenville News…

A previous post quoted Harold Ramis’s prescient line from Ghostbusters, “Print is dead.”

Here, sadly, is further evidence.

The Greenville News building in downtown Greenville is set to be demolished, according to the company responsible for selling the building.

CBRE-The Furman Company said it has about 50 buyers looking at the building.

Doug Webster with CBRE-The Furman Company said there is no way around tearing the building down.

“Reusing that sight as it is would be very difficult”, Webster said. “But that is really going to be depending on the type of developers that we vet through and we see what their ideas and
thoughts are.

Growing up in Greenville, S.C., The Greenville News building was a fixture of Main Street, both before and during downtown’s revitalization. It was also where I had my first job. During high school, I wrote part-time for the afternoon paper, The Greenville Piedmont, now defunct. When I was in college, I interned at The Greenville News during the summer and winter breaks. This was the early 1990s, when downtown was making a comeback but still a few years away from Falls Park and brewpubs. I recall the twentysomething reporters I worked with and I having lunch at Hot Dog King and Fuddruckers. Happy hours were often at the local Bennigan’s.

The trip from Woodmont High School or my house, which was across the street, to The Greenville News offices was about 25 minutes or as a teenager in the ’90s would define it, the first half of Zooropa on the way up and the second half on the way down.

Parking was a logistical nightmare, and some reporters racked up countless tickets. I remember the TV critic announcing his plan to put all the fines on his expense report.

But time, cleaner and swifter than a wrecking ball, has demolished those days, keeping only the memories.

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