“I’ve never even thought about it…”

04 May

Rep. Jim Buchy of Ohio demonstrates a complete lack of empathy and intellectual curiosity during an interview regarding his efforts to ban abortion in his state.

Now, you might say, “I don’t need to know why people molest children or beat up gay people to oppose those actions.” That’s a fair enough philosophical stance — one I’d give a pass to Joe Schmoe down the street — but I do demand more thoughtfulness from our elected officials. It’s also a matter of pragmatism. If you understood why women have abortions — why otherwise normal, law-abiding people commit what you believe is murder — then you might be able to more effectively limit them.

Buchy goes on to dabble in one of my least favorite habits: It’s when someone refuses to just say “I don’t know.” Three little words. And they are the key to knowledge. Instead, Buchy speculates wildly: “Economics” factors into “some of it”… or a “lot of it.” Who knows? Certainly not Mr. Buchy.

But if women do seek out abortions for economic reasons wouldn’t addressing those issues help reduce abortions? Assistance of some sort for the dramatically expensive cost of prenatal care? Raising the minimum wage? The list goes on. Or you can do nothing and just make abortions more difficult to have or even ban them outright. Of course, that might just result in making cash-strapped expectant mothers desperate and desperation leads to desperate measures.

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One response to ““I’ve never even thought about it…”

  1. observeratlarge

    May 5, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    I say we just impregnate the bastard. That would impel a lot of understand, very quickly.


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