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Airbnb Request…

If you post a rental on Airbnb, I strongly advise investing in a professional photographer to shoot your home. I can refer you to at least three I know personally. And before you complain about cost, you don’t have to hire the ghosts of Diane Arbus and Ansel Adams. Someone with the advanced skills of “steady hands” and “sight” would be an improvement to what I’ve seen lately: One guy decided to take his photos during a solar eclipse. It was so dark and claustrophobic, I think the previous occupants were David Sweat and Richard Matt. One lady couldn’t be bothered to keep her laundry basket out of the shot. That really helped seal the deal with potential renters: “Gee, I could be relaxing on that leather sofa… just like the basket filled with dirty clothes. And I could be on my fourth glass of wine… just like the owner when she took these photos.” The winner, so far, is the genius who took a shot of her over-decorated bathroom, and her reflection in the mirror wound up in the picture (based on her outfit, she did not plan this). You might remember her house from its appearance in Men in Black.

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Trump in Flames…

My friend Aaron Elstein at Crain’s has a fun piece on the further unraveling of professional asshole Donald Trump.

Macy’s has become the latest corporate giant to part ways with Donald Trump.

The retailer said Wednesday that it would stop selling the Donald Trump line of menswear on its shelves since 2004, saying it was “disappointed and distressed” by  the presidential candidate’s recent remarks about Mexican immigrants.

The New York-based retailer’s move comes two days after NBCUniversal said it would no longer broadcast the Miss USA or other beauty pageants owned by Mr. Trump. Four days earlier, Spanish-language network Univision bid Mr. Trump adios.

In just one speech, Trump managed to alienate Hispanics and do serious damage to his own financial interests. Let’s agree that he should not even be near the White House for a tour.
Serious candidates or at least mentally stable adults would have had a sit-down with leaders of the Hispanic community where he made amends and tried to move on from this. Instead Trump just doubles down. I can’t immediately think of a declared presidential candidate who torched his path to the White House so quickly and completely: New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Florida… I could probably beat him in those states now.
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