Badly done, South Carolina…

01 Aug

From the Greenville News:

Oconee County Coroner Karl Addis released a statement Tuesday saying (Zachary) Hammond died from a gunshot wound to the upper torso, but the statement didn’t indicate if the bullet came from the front or back. He referred questions to SLED, the Seneca Police and the 10th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

Tori Dianna Morton, 23, of Pickens, was in the car with Hammond but wasn’t hurt. She was arrested for possession of marijuana.

Covington said the officer approached the car with his gun drawn, as is common practice in making narcotics arrests.

An undercover officer had arranged a drug buy to lure Morton into the parking lot of Hardee’s restaurant on U.S. 123, according to an incident report.

The report says the officer executed a search warrant and found a bag of marijuana in the car. It makes no mention of the shooting. Covington said the officer will file a statement later.


I have not been to Paranoia Academy, but how often do people run over cops rather than just try to escape? And even if it occurs a great deal, in the time to draw your weapon and fire *point blank* at the person behind the wheel, can’t you just… get out of the way?

What was the worst-case scenario here? An adult would have purchased a drug that is legal in several U.S. states, a drug that cannot be used to mow down 9 people in a church. Yet, resources are wasted on an undercover “sting” of someone buying marijuana. And now a 19-year-old is dead. DEAD. Why? What the the hell is wrong with a state where this kid could have legally bought an assault rifle, even if he had a history of mental problems, but he’s shot dead because he *drove* someone to buy pot.

If Zachary Hammond lived in Washington or Colorado, he’d be alive. South Carolina, you need to explain to the rest of the civilized world how your residents are safer because of the laws that led to this young man’s death.


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One response to “Badly done, South Carolina…

  1. Tina

    August 20, 2015 at 11:34 pm

    you said every thing right there was no call for any of this that was a 30 day in jail for poss. and they were after Tori right’ then why is Zack die man S.C. is really messed up me and my husband is seriously thinking of moving out oif sc they need to figure things out why didnt they shoot the toires out or taze him no they shot him and i heard through the grape vine that the officer that shot him was very anger with zack cause he tried to steal the officers truck several weeks prior to him being shot so it sounds like the officer was out to get Zack. Just giving my own opion on it I believe the officer was out to get Zack set all this up out of anger thats my opion on it but its only hear say noone knows the ful truth but 3 people and one is dead, God be with his family and be with Tori I know she has to be going thrigh a rough time dealing with this anyone would shame on you officer you was not trained right. I know nothing about ur job but I have common sense to know you was in the wrong on this one you should of done it better then that. bettder yet you need to take anger mangement classes and realize what you have done to both familys over a lil bag of weed that is legal in several states and one day will be herer


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