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“Except your aunt with breast cancer is just a person and we’re talking about a Ferrari 250 GT Spyder! I love driving it. It’s so choice! If you have the means I highly recommend you picking one up. Anyway, what were we talking about?”


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Health Scare..

Health Care

At least this isn’t North Korea where people die for something absurd like stealing a poster… instead of for serious crimes like selling cigarettes or CDS on street corners or playing with toys guns or for having broken taillights.

The old lady is lucky, though, because once the Senate health bill passes, she’ll likely only afford a plan that covers one officer throwing her out of a public space. No, actually, looking at the fine print, the deductible is so high, she’ll have no choice to be drag herself out the building on her own.

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Let’s not forget *Trump* is president…

There is this trap, I think, that many are falling into of treating Donald Trump like a run-of-the-mill lousy Republican president who is rubber stamping Paul Ryan’s awful domestic agenda. If this were Marco Rubio/Ted Cruz or even Jeb! and we were faced with an inhumane ACA repeal, I’d take more comfort from last night’s results in Georgia and South Carolina. But let’s remember that Trump is a president who is currently under FBI investigation, who fired the FBI Director and possibly obstructed justice, whose National Security Adviser and son-in-law might have committed light treasons. He also tweets unhinged gibberish late at night. Karen Handel didn’t repudiate him but rather embraced him. If core Republicans still back him, then the craven GOP will continue to do so. That’s why an upset last night would have been a key event or turning point. It also might have helped derail the passage of the ACA repeal but that also now seems unlikely. If a party that is in bed with a mobster and steadily starts to behave in ways that makes it clear they were mobsters all along are still winning special elections against non-mobsters, that’s a problem and an indictment of the country. I’d like to think that if Hillary Clinton were in the same situation as Trump, even a Nancy Pelosi district might have been lost in a special election no matter the Democratic advantage. If anything, we certainly should just focus on improving our performance in 2018 and defeating Trump in 2020 because impeachment is fantasy and re-election is not entirely off the table.

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What in the hell is Bernie Sanders doing?

So, Bernie Sanders, who still isn’t really a Democrat, tweeted this today:


This is bad strategy. Like, in the not-successful, really sucky, we don’t get House back, Trump gets re-elected way. Do we need to dig through tweets from Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and other prominent Republicans during the Obama years? They never did this.

Sure, Ted Cruz went after other Republicans, but he was loathed as a result, which is his own party couldn’t rally behind him against an unhinged reality TV host. And Cruz at least focused most of his ire on Democrats and the left. He also constantly harkened back to the Reagan “Golden Years.” Sanders would be hard pressed to name one Democratic president he likes.

This is just bad messaging. Republicans control all branches of government. They aren’t going to attack themselves. Nor are they going to blame themselves for the inevitable disasters resulting from their “unified government.” So, can we expect the next four years to consist of both the right and left saying how much Democrats suck? How does that lead to victory of any kind?

This isn’t to suggest that the Democratic party shouldn’t change into a non-having-its-ass-kicked party. I’m all in favor of that. But focus on the positives of the party. I know Sanders believes Trump’s only in office because he didn’t win the nomination but this is petty and pointless.

Oh, and this was the first response to his tweet.


This is the platform for the Justice Democrats, the folks who are working to ensure a second Trump term. It’s not even really a political platform. It’s more like something scribbled onto the rolling paper of a joint. It’s so stupid and fantastical, it makes you want to french kiss Ayn Rand’s corpse.



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Some historical context for the new Attorney General:

A year or so ago, when Republicans were vocal in their distaste and contempt for Trump, Jeff Sessions became the first member of the Senate to endorse Trump and the only Senator to do so during the primaries.

Sessions also enthusiastically endorsed Trump at a time when he was under scrutiny for not disavowing David Duke’s support. Republican might now lament how Elizabeth Warren hurt Sessions’s feelings by discussing his history of racist actions, but a year ago, they were all dogpiling on Trump for his “disqualifying” and “unelectable” racism: This includes Marco Rubio…


Ted Cruz…


Nikki Haley…


And Paul Ryan…


So, even during the distant past of last year when Republicans pretended to care about racism and thought that condemning someone’s even tacit support of racists was worthwhile and not a “character attack,” Jeff Sessions chose to endorse Donald Trump. The weekend before Super Tuesday, Sessions could’ve backed fellow Southerner Ted Cruz — who I’m sure was begging for his endorsement, but he instead happily put on a Make America Great Again cap and again demonstrated how outside even the GOP mainstream he was — well at the time, God knows what the GOP is now.

We should never forget how craven the Republican party has been regarding Donald Trump — openly trading any pretense of dignity and honor for total power.

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B.S. on Parade…

Fortunately, for lady-putting-in-their-placer Mitch McConnell, the Sessions hearng is not an actual trial, because that is the sort of obviously impeachable statement any first year law student would know not to make if they want to prevent Coretta Scott King’s letter being admitted as rebuttal.
Coretta Scott King thinks you suck is sort of a deal breaker for any attempt to present yourself as a champion of equal protection under the law. Her mild tolerance of you is the lowest hurdle you need to clear.

Like DeVos, Sessions is not someone Rubio or even Cruz would have chosen for this very reason. That’s not to be naive enough to think they’d have selected defenders of public education and civil rights respectively but they would have bothered to pick relatively non-controversial choices with as little baggage as possible. You know, like sane politicians do.

But Trump’s picks have all demonstrated a degree of contempt for consensus and a tendency toward cronyism. Like his hero Andrew Jackson, Trump believes that to the “victor goes the spoils,” so Sessions, as an early and key supporter, gets the nod. Haley gets shipped out of state so a Trump supporter can become governor, and DeVos gets a Cabinet position as if she’d had it on her Amazon Wish List.

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One point..

My liberal friends are disappointed that Republicans narrowly confirmed the incompetent billionaire Amway (no, really) heiress Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education in what appears to be an appalling and obvious example of cronyism. I don’t blame them, but look: You can tweet, call, email, tap dance all you like, but if you want elected officials to not behave like Republicans, then you should vote for and contribute to the campaigns of Democrats. Lobbying the cannibals sprinkling paprika over you to give tofu a chance is not the most effective strategy.
Democrats let Marco Rubio — who showed up at work every once in a while when not having dollars stuffed into his speedos — win re-election in a Senate race the DNC mostly ignored. How does a political party let a guy who lost his own state’s presidential primary to Trump and then later endorsed Trump after describing him as a “madman” and “con artist” beat their candidate? Rubio isn’t McCain. It’s not like he had some honorable record and history in Florida that you couldn’t overcome if you at least tried.
They also let Toomey and Johnson win in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, states that Democrats used to win nationally. Toomey’s narrow victory was especially galling. McGinty was polling ahead of Toomey for weeks prior to the election and then lost by a little more than a percentage point.
This is why I will slap upside the head the next person who talks to me about Hillary Clinton winning the goddamn popular vote or Trump not having a “mandate.” It doesn’t matter. What matters is that if she’d carried Florida, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, it’s possible the Democrats could have taken the Senate. And if you can get two ignoramuses, a Russian stooge, and a white supremacist confirmed in the Senate, that seems pretty “mandate-like.”
But for those of you who stayed home because Hillary didn’t “inspire” you enough, just consider that one percentage point in Pennsylvania is why Betty DeVos is set to dismantle public education as we knew it.


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