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Goodbye, Columbus, Georgia…

Georgia will most likely pass an extreme gun bill that will most likely end my visits to the state.

As also noted last week, if a police officer spots someone carrying a weapon in a government building, a bar, a church, an airport or anywhere else in public, the officer will be forbidden by state law from stopping that person to see if they have a gun permit. The change renders the law almost impossible to enforce, and in effect gives everybody in the state — criminal or upstanding citizen, sane or insane — an open-carry permit.

— If someone claiming to have a permit for the gun in their possession is arrested, law enforcement will have no quick way to determine if it’s true. Under HB 60, the state is forbidden to compile a list of those who have valid permits to carry, and permit holders who don’t carry their permits with them are now subject to a whopping $10 fine.

— Convicted felons who are banned by law from possessing firearms can still use the Stand Your Ground defense if they use a firearm to kill someone.

I enjoyed my last few trips to Athens, and I was looking forward to seeing Savannah again. I will now only see Georgia if I’m driving through it, and I will avoid if at all possible contributing to its economy. These laws provide stimulating banter at a cocktail party on the Upper West Side, but for someone of my particular skin complexion, they usually result in un-prosecuted death.

Abandoning Florida, as I did last year, was no big loss to me, but I will miss Georgia. I just prefer civilization more. This slow creep of madness will probably eventually send me outside of the country’s borders, but it was never really mine in the first place.

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