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Guns and Georgia…

Six people were injured in a shooting at an Atlanta FedEx.

But the state most likely believes the answer is more guns.

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Goodbye, Columbus, Georgia…

Georgia will most likely pass an extreme gun bill that will most likely end my visits to the state.

As also noted last week, if a police officer spots someone carrying a weapon in a government building, a bar, a church, an airport or anywhere else in public, the officer will be forbidden by state law from stopping that person to see if they have a gun permit. The change renders the law almost impossible to enforce, and in effect gives everybody in the state — criminal or upstanding citizen, sane or insane — an open-carry permit.

— If someone claiming to have a permit for the gun in their possession is arrested, law enforcement will have no quick way to determine if it’s true. Under HB 60, the state is forbidden to compile a list of those who have valid permits to carry, and permit holders who don’t carry their permits with them are now subject to a whopping $10 fine.

— Convicted felons who are banned by law from possessing firearms can still use the Stand Your Ground defense if they use a firearm to kill someone.

I enjoyed my last few trips to Athens, and I was looking forward to seeing Savannah again. I will now only see Georgia if I’m driving through it, and I will avoid if at all possible contributing to its economy. These laws provide stimulating banter at a cocktail party on the Upper West Side, but for someone of my particular skin complexion, they usually result in un-prosecuted death.

Abandoning Florida, as I did last year, was no big loss to me, but I will miss Georgia. I just prefer civilization more. This slow creep of madness will probably eventually send me outside of the country’s borders, but it was never really mine in the first place.

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Georgia learns from Florida…

Gee, I feel safer all ready.

Georgia’s House of Representatives voted Tuesday to let licensed gun owners carry their weapons in more places, sending the bill to the Senate where changes are likely.

Licensed gun owners would be allowed to carry guns into churches, bars and nonsecure government buildings under legislation approved in the state House on Tuesday. House Bill 875, sponsored by Rep. Rick Jasperse, R-Jasper, passed 119-56, largely along party lines. It now goes to the Senate.

I’ve always said that guns and alcohol are the chocolate and peanut butter of violent death.

Notice that back in the carefree 1980s, you could bump into a stranger on the street and dip your chocolate into her peanut butter without being shot.

I’m not religious, but a recent documentary makes a compelling case for the spiritual value of arming yourself before attending church.

Also, if it ever snows more than half an inch again, Georgia residents can — if they feel reasonably in fear of their lives — kill the snow in self defense.

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