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Now time for “False Equivalency Theatre”…

20130520-154323.jpg I saw this plastered on a sign post in Capitol Hill. I guess it makes sense. I sometimes leave my loaded lesbian lying around where a small child can reach her and fire her at himself or another child. I also stockpile lesbians in the event I need to defend myself against a tyrannical government. And this country’s laughably easy access to lesbians results in a disturbing number of deaths each year.

Also, is that a bullet bracelet? What is the fashion goal here?

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Good Guys with Guns…

The senseless death of Hostra student Andrea Rebello further underscores the calculated stupidity the NRA promotes with its insistence that the best answer to gun violence is “good guys with guns.”

Hofstra University student Andrea Rebello was killed by a police officer’s bullet after a masked intruder held a loaded gun to her head in a Long Island home and then took aim at the officer, Nassau County police said.

Rebello and the intruder were both killed after a split-second decision by the Nassau County police officer, authorities said. Police said Rebello was being held in a headlock by a masked intruder when the officer fired eight times, one shot hitting Rebello in the head.

Things can go horribly wrong even when a highly trained officer is involved. No civilian is as qualified to handle this type of situation, as that rather arrogantly implies that someone can accomplish in their spare time what a police officer dedicates his life to doing professionally.

The NRA would tell me that civilians have no choice but to arm themselves in response to armed criminals. However, the best response would be doing everything possible to limit the ridiculously easy access criminals have to guns in this country.


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“I’ll Tumble 4 Ya”…

Yahoo!, which has effectively stored my spam e-mails for almost a decade, announced today that it will purchase Tumblr, a blogging service I don’t use (not a shock given how dated a reference the headline of this blog post is).

The combination of Yahoo and Tumblr creates an online powerhouse with roughly one billion users, which will draw in more advertisers and help Yahoo keep visitors on its properties for longer periods of time, (Marissa) Mayer told Reuters in an interview.

“Tumblr in terms of users and traffic is an immediate growth story for us,” she said.

Sounds like the sort of great idea a high-powered CEO such as Mayer would have.

But then…

Analysts say Yahoo appeared to be overpaying for a business that has never posted a profit, makes a fraction of Yahoo’s sales, and may not contribute significantly to revenue for years.

“Even if revenue was $100 million, it means Yahoo paid 10 times revenue,” said BGC Financial analyst Colin Gillis. “Ten times is what you pay to date the belle of the ball. It’s on the outer bands of M&A.”

Actually, if you’re paying anything to date the “belle of the ball,” she’s actually a prostitute… of the ball.

One question Yahoo may have to address is Tumblr’s reputation as a home for pornographic blogs. At one point in 2009, about 80 percent of Tumblr’s top sites had something to do with adult content. Today that number is closer to 5 percent, according to Quantcast data, but the old image lingers.

Yahoo! can clean up Tumblr all it wants, just so long as it remains the ideal source for information about former Doctor Who star David Tennant’s hair.

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