Facebook Etiquette…

12 Dec

Charlie looked up from his Surface tablet.

“That photo of you and the girls in matching sunglasses is a big hit on Facebook.”

“It is a nice shot of me,” Gina corroborated. “How many ‘Likes’ did it receive?”

“Lemme check. You know, people complain that Surface doesn’t have the Facebook app but you can access the Web version just as easily through Internet Explorer.”

“I’m sure,” she replied, only half-listening, as she read quietly from the Wall Street Journal app on her iPad.

“Forty-eight likes,” Charlie declared. “That’s funny. You’re not one of them.”

“Liking your own photo is tacky, Charlie. Besides, I tend to filter the profiles of people who post a lot about their kids.”

“Even me?”

“Especially you,” Gina confirmed. “I can’t make personal exceptions or I lose all credibility.”

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