Santa Claus Nonsense…

12 Dec

Aisha Harris at Slate wrote a piece about the impact of growing up as a black kid celebrating Christmas with a white Santa.

Fox News responded to the piece with cartoonish hilarity you would expect from a Saturday Night Live sketch, but in actuality is consistent with the low-level empathy-free thinking that passes for commentary on the network.

They also didn’t even bother getting what Richard Pryor called the “(negro) that they hire” to corroborate their entrenched point of view.

I do hope Harris saw the Fox News segment and grasps that this is the mentality to which she’s appealing when she’s asking for inclusiveness from a holiday that has no true cultural connection to her.

After all, try to imagine white kids celebrating a holiday with a black savior and welcoming an old black man into their home late at night with cookies and milk.

Fox, I suppose, is at least honest that this is their holiday. They forced it on you after they enslaved you and they are not interested in your concerns, in your “hypersensitivity” and desire for inclusion. This is Christmas, not Burger King. You don’t get to have it your way.

Because Santa is “who he is.”

Which was an elf in the Moore’s “The Night Before Christmas” and, also, you know, fictional… just like the carpenter he upstages each year.

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