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July 27, 1983…

MadonnaTheFirstAlbum1983AlbumCover I can’t state definitively if I’d be alive today if not for the release of Madonna’s self-titled debut album 30 years ago.

I’ve enjoyed some of her later albums more ( Like a Prayer, I’m Breathless, Erotica, and Bedtime Stories), but the Madonna I met in 1983 — the wavy-haired working class girl with the nasally Michigan accent — is the one who fully captured my heart. I was rarely happy, but I always was with her.

I was 9 years old at the time, secretly recording Madonna songs off the radio on what would become my first mixtape. Critics said she couldn’t sing, but I’d memorized each note and found joy in every flaw. There was no adequate way to describe the passion and the not-so-subtle pain in her music, so I never tried. It was simply Madonna.

Burning Up


Lucky Star

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Really, New York Times?

The New York Times prints unfounded, vicious gossip about Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin.

Sipping sparkling water by the bustling patios of Bryant Park on Wednesday afternoon, the young women touched on the usual topics of lunchtime gossip: men, work, relationships.

And it’s apparently Upper Middle Class gossip. The Times does understand that Weiner is running for mayor of all of New York City, not just the Upper East Side, right? Is print in such trouble that it can’t afford to spring for a cab to Harlem?

As her companions nodded, Noebeth Toro, 30, said she could understand how Ms. Abedin chose to stand by her husband in 2011 when he was first discovered sending explicit messages to women online. But she was puzzled to see her beside Mr. Weiner once again on Tuesday, defending him despite new revelations of more recent online encounters.

“Fool me once, shame on you,” Ms. Toro said. “Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Her colleague, Jessica Marrocco, 26, suspected another motive.

“I think she’s really just doing it for the publicity, and she wants a husband in office,” she said. “Because no self-respecting woman would stand up there and say that something like that’s O.K.”

Abedin, I’m sure, appreciates that Toro “understands” why she did something that’s none of Toro’s business. Meanwhile, her friend Marrocco accuses a perfect stranger of being a shameless attention seeker. And she comes to the conclusion thanks to sparkling water and the fizzy substance inside her head.


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