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Sympathy for the Black Conservative…

Can we take a momThomasent to express sympathy for a group who’s about to experience a trying few weeks? I refer, of course, to black conservatives. They’ve got to agree that the Zimmerman verdict was not just appropriate but that Zimmerman’s version of events was most likely completely true. They’ve got to agree that race had nothing to do with Trayvon Martin’s death… although, race was the reason George Zimmerman was unfairly prosecuted and victimized. They’ve got to nod and say how Martin shouldn’t have been wearing a hoodie. How else would Zimmerman have known he wasn’t a criminal like so many other black males that the Democrats have failed with their social polices and lenient welfare handouts? And, yes, Martin shouldn’t have attacked Zimmerman or fought back or anything like that. He’d still be alive if he’d just politely waited for the police with Zimmerman, who he should have trusted completely was not a sexual predator. It’s not like he looks like one, after all. They’ve got to agree that Benjamin Crump is a “race huckster” just like Al Sharton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP. They’ll probably have to talk about O.J. Simpson some more. And, oh yes sir, Barack Obama is dividing the nation by race when he refers to the death of a violent thug as “tragic.” He’s promoting race riots, just like his crony Eric Holder. If he were alive today, Martin Luther King would agree, because he’d also be a black conservative.

On the upside, black conservatives will receive lots of invitations to dinner and cocktail parties for the rest of the month so their friends can get their comforting opinions on record.


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