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Ohio Shows the Ladies How It’s Done…

WideModern_Kasich_130701620x413  “So, Gov. Kasich, shouldn’t we find, I dunno, at least one of those… uh, whaddaya call em? …. women for this photo op of you signing this restrictive abortion bill? What about Dunlap in HR? It’s her first day but she’d just have to smile at the camera. Oh, she’s in orientation? Well, shoot, what about Gladys the sandwich lady? Just take off the apron, spruce up her hair a bit. She doesn’t have to speak English or anything. It’s just a photo. OK? We’re just gonna do this? All right, hey, what do I know?”

Frankly, if Kasich is truly pro-life, the next bill he’ll sign would ban Cincinnati Chili.

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The Freedom to Follow…

Over on Daily Kos, I discuss George Zimmerman’s perceived “freedom” to pursue a stranger at night, and Trayvon Martin’s accepted “burden” to explain himself.

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Caine and Reeve…

Our clips today are scenes from two movies starring Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve, both based on plays I enjoy. The first is Sidney Lumet’s Deathtrap (1982) with Dyan Cannon. Ira Levin wrote the play, which is as suspenseful as his more well-known Rosemary’s Baby but without the supernatural elements. Reeve plays very much against type, and Caine is as marvelous as always. The second is Peter Bogdanovich’s Noises Off (1992) with Marilu Henner and John Ritter. I had the chance to see the 2001 Broadway production with Patti Lupone and a pre-Grey’s Anatomy T.R. Knight, and I think it works better on stage than film. However, I highly recommend both movies as a pleasant evening’s entertainment.

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