“Look on the bright side, suicide…”

19 Jul

A reader of The Dish gives one of the worst, most codependent reasons for not taking one’s life.

I can go through periods when I think that life isn’t worth living. But I don’t have the will to enact a suicide. For when I think of those in my life who would be affected, it makes those thoughts moot. Life is sometimes not worth living for myself, but it is always worth living for others. I have a cat who depends on me; I have family and friends who love me; colleagues and clients with whom I am trustworthy and dependable; how could I break that love and defile that trust? I can handle my own black thoughts, but I couldn’t handle imposing them on others in such a way. My connections tether me to this world. I stay for them, when I can’t for myself. Suicide isn’t painless.

There is only one legitimate reason to continue living — because you choose to do so. If you live for other people, you needlessly burden them with responsibility for your existence. It’s remarkably selfish.

Also, cats depend on no one. They are the most independent and adaptable species on the planet. There’s a lot we can learn from them.

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